Main features

⭐️ Teleprompter

When you need to say some kind of prepared text on camera, you may get confused, like almost everyone. That’s OK! StoriesCamera will help you! You can record video and watch the text running on the screen. In viewer’s eyes you will always look like a professional! You can control the teleprompter with  Apple Watch, which allows you to adjust the text speed unnoticed by the audience! Teleprompter text can be easily turned into subtitles!

⭐️ Subtitles

Increasingly, people watch stories without sound, so a huge part of the information that you want to convey to the audience may remain unattended. This problem can be partially compensated with text stickers, but this is inconvenient, moreover, the static content superimposed on the video often causes viewer’s discomfort. The StoriesCamera allows you to superimpose dynamic subtitles with reference to the video. This will help to keep the attention of the storie’s viewer longer, what is important for increasing scope and ranking of videos on Instagram. Adding dynamic subtitles has never been so easy and convenient! You can also create subtitles for videos recorded beyond the application.

⭐️ Speech recognition

StoriesCamera can recognize speech in the video and automatically prepare subtitles that are accurate pegged to it! You will only need to correct the text a bit and, if it is necessary, split it into lines and paragraphs. This also works with videos recorded beyond StoriesCamera!

⭐️ Function “Shadow”

This is a unique mode! You can select a photo or video, and its outline will be displayed on the screen. This will help you take extraordinary videos or photos, for example, capture the same object at different time or in another place, or repeat interesting poses. This feature offers unlimited possibilities to live out your fantasies! Shadow settings can be customized.

⭐️ Function “Gyroscope”

In the process of shooting, it can be difficult to precisely control the horizon line, at some point the horizon may begin to lean, and, usually, it is detected after the video has been shot. StoriesCamera helps prevent this! The application shows deviations from the axes, which will allow you to shoot video with professional quality.

⭐️ Function “Grid”

It can be difficult to assess the possition of the subject relative to the center, while you are taking a photo or recording a video. StoriesCamera helps you to arrange your subject harmoniously!

⭐️ Switch cameras during recording

Change the active camera without interrupting the recording! In this process, the image from the second camera will be displayed for you on the screen (only for iPhone XS and newer).

⭐️ Recording simultaneously with two cameras

StoriesCamera allows you to combine video that has been simultaneously shot with two cameras into one. At the same time, during recording, you can switch cameras and even move the second camera’s window, change its size! (iPhone XS and newer only)

⭐️ Select an active microphone

You may have noticed that sometimes the video sound is dull. The fact is that sound in  standard camera is automatically recorded with a microphone connected to the active camera. But this is not correct if you are shooting with the rear camera and commenting on the proceeding at the same time. StoriesCamera allows you to select the active microphone manually! (iPhone XS and newer only)

⭐️ Function “Timer”

While you are shooting videos for Instagram for 15 seconds (or 1 minute), you are often distracted by the timer. It is uncomfortable. In StoriesCamera, this is implemented differently: the recording time is displayed in the form of a pie chart, which is much more convenient and visual. In addition, the recording automatically stops after 15 seconds (1 minute).

⭐️ Function “Zoom”

In StoriesCamera you can set the approximation (with gestures), even for the front camera! In addition, the magnification limits are greatly expanded compared to a standard camera.